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I’ve been online since the early 90s and working on websites since 1993. I got interested in SEO as an employee at Geek Choice. While employed there we soon realized that I was spending more time working on the website and less time doing what I was hired for. Instead of being a bad thing, this turned out to be great for the company.

I studied everything I could, got many books, talked to many experts in the field and started working on SEO for the company website. We soon realized that there was a lot more to it than what you could read in 2 year old books and gather from public forums. So we hired one of those experts, Steve Hatcher from aXemedia/GeoLocalSEO. He helped me to better understand the real work involved in SEO, especially attempting to rank a company like Geek Choice nationally. He worked on our site and with me to get a really solid foundation in place. After awhile working with him and learning everything I could about the current SEO field I felt ready to go it alone.

A couple years later and my former employer is now a client. I have a thriving business, multiple customers, and great rankings for everyone involved. SEO changes monthly, sometimes weekly. There are hundreds of websites and people you need to keep up with just to follow all of the changes. But it is a great job and I really enjoy the work.

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