A Blogger’s Beginning Woes

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Starting a new blog can be exciting for some, and overwhelming for others. I feel it should be both, depending on your goal as a blogger. For instance, someone who is just looking to start a personal blog, and aren’t really focused on the monetizing or generating traffic isn’t going to feel that overwhelmed because all their goals are easily met with something as simple as a registration form. However, if you’re like me and know that blogging can be both fun and profitable, you know there’s a lot involved with starting up a new venture in the world of blogging.

Research, Research, and Research


Starting up a new blog always starts with an idea. What topic will the blog be about? What perspective will you take on the topic? What sort of content should be produced? If you plan to make money from the blog, usually from contextual advertisements and affiliate programs, then you must have a clear idea of all of this and more before you begin. Anyone familiar with SEO will tell you that you need to begin with a topic, and try and narrow it down as much as possible. The next step should be to find keywords in close relation to your primary topic that all have a good volume of search traffic while having a low or weak competition at the same time. You can read more about keyword research in our SEO learning guide.

Don’t Expect Overnight Results

Many people start out blogging with high hopes of taking the blogosphere by storm. Chances are you will not become an overnight blogging sensation. In fact, the chances that anyone but your few close friends and your mom will be reading your blog within the first few months are rather very slim. These things take time and persistence. Too many people start out strong and only last a few weeks to a couple months before they feel like they’re hopeless and proceed to give up.

Getting regular traffic takes time and constant attention to many details, but most of all it takes patience. It’s a common belief in the SEO community that things like this usually take about 6 months before you start seeing anything worth while. If after this time frame you still have no traffic to your site, you’re probably doing something wrong. Don’t give up, just do your research!

Other Tips

Hints and TipsUnique content is king. Nothing makes the search engines happier than a big block of fresh keyword rich content that’s highly relevant overall to the keywords they’re indexing you for. Don’t settle for copying big blocks of text from other sites or bloggers and just making small comments, or perhaps none at all. Content scraping does not make as much money as a genuine unique source such as yourself.

Regular posting is important, especially keeping up on news topics relating to your niche. If your blog makes regular updates, Google and other search engines would be more inclined to visit your site more often to slurp up more information. This effect is amplified when you’re posting about popular news topics. If the search engines detect that you stay current on the times and update regularly and often, you will gain authority and perhaps tap into the massive traffic generators known as news aggregators.

If you’re only in it for the money, take up SEO and hire a writer, you will be much more profitable and much less miserable. Let’s face it, if you’re not enthusiastic about the topic or the writing, the product will not be quite as good as it could be. If you have a paid writer dedicated to writing high quality content for good profitable keywords, there’s a good chance you’ll profit off of any investments into SEO and content.

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  1. Virginia

    Well this was very enlightening, I thought I wanted to start an informational blog that charged for advice or consultation but after reading your blog about how long it take and the kind of patience you have to have I don’t know that I want to go through with it. Maybe I should try another avenue because I want something that will make money.

    • It can be tough these days, but I didn’t mean to dissuade you from trying. Its just good to set your expectations properly, and to make sure you are prepared for what it takes to get a successful blog going.

  2. Ellen

    I get excited often about my blog because the very nature of its subject matter becomes fresh with a new sports story that seems to happen almost daily. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that there are those days when I am bogged down with making my daily bread that I just don’t have the time or energy to write a quality article. Sometimes, it feels like pressure to keep up with updates.

    • It can be time consuming if you let it be. But there are a lot of ways to speed up the process. I am going to do a post about that next week. Hopefully you come back to read it 🙂

  3. Kenneth

    This was a very interesting blog I thought you could make some really good money on blogs but from what you are saying it could take a long time. Maybe I should just start a web site instead. I am disappointed but grateful that you posted this information. Thank you for the advice I appreciate it very much and you did an excellent job catching all the details that would go into this.

  4. Hey Gregg. Just found you on Twitter, actually you found me, so thanks, I’m glad, and have been reading the blog. Great stuff. I started as an affiliate and failed miserably. Now I started a new blog just talking about whatever I want to. It could be a current event, sports, funny vids, whatever. Then I started connecting on twitter, (joining the discussion) as THEY would say and my traffic has never been better. Started new blog Jan 1, 2012 and from 1st to 22nd had 613 visits. This month Feb 1st – 22nd I’m at 2,084 visits. Point for your readers is I was about to give up on blogging until I stopped worrying about making money. Plus that stress takes the fun out of it and lead me to being burned out. So for anyone reading this, just write about what interests you, connect with others and be a REAL PERSON. Slowly, things should happen. Just seeing a few more visits each day from the month before can be a great motivator as it is for me. Don’t give up.

    • Great reply, thanks for the tips. Being interested in the topics you are blogging about is a huge help.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a nice tips for us. Cause we are a very young college student team and working for establish a SEO firm in Bangladesh. I follow this Site cause I try to follow the actives of this site.

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