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Pay Per Click advertising (often referred to as PPC) is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays a certain amount per click generated by that ad wherever it is displayed. Pay Per Click advertising has been at the core of most big advertising networks, such as Google Adsense or Microsoft adCenter. Pay Per Click advertising is extremely versatile as well. Since these ads are based off of targeted keywords, they can be displayed at the top of search results and within content on relevant sites. This keyword fueled advertising makes it a perfect companion to Search Engine Optimization services as well.

The Pay Per Click Process – How it works

1.The first step in pay per click advertising is research. In order to develop a great working and profitable PPC campaign, as well as obtaining a high ROI (Return on Investment), we must know a lot about your business. What you do, what you sell, who buys your products/services, what your competitors do, who they’re customers are, and so much more. This allows us to build your ad campaign to be perfectly focused on turning potential customers into paying customers.

Essentially, we take what you do as a business and convert that into high traffic keywords that have minimal competition. This provides very profitable keywords that have low bid amounts, getting you your leads for less. These keywords are the key to the campaign’s overall success, and demands a team of experts to track down the very best ones.

2.The second step is all about designing the perfect ad that entices potential customers to click, and travel to your landing page. This step isn’t just about thinking of a catchy phrase or designing a flashy image. While these things are important, what’s most important is designing that ad for the right customer. We want your ads to appeal to those customers that are most likely to convert to a sale, maximizing the effectiveness of the campaign as well as profit. The ultimate goal is reducing media-spend costs as much as possible while boosting traffic as high as we can.

3.Thirdly, we have landing page design. Now, these ads that are created within the ad network will be clicked by potential customers who have searched for the keyword you’re targeting. They are actively interested in what your ad says, now it’s time to make that conversion. When these potential customers arrive at your site, they should find the information that’s relevant to what they were looking for, but even more importantly you need a way to capture that customer. If you’re looking to generate leads, then the landing page should include a form for the visitor to fill out. If you’re trying to sell a product then the page should include a way to directly purchase that product. Offering a free software download? Provide a link and information for the download. Don’t make that customer do any searching for what they want once they arrive, give them what they need right away to avoid losing the sale.

4.The fourth step is monitoring and analysis. Most PPC servicers out there get your campaign up and rolling, then switch on the auto-pilot and leave it at that. Not us! We constantly monitor our client’s campaigns and make adjustments every step of the way. We put the available statistics to work and make sure you’re getting the best return for your paid search investment. Is an ad not converting like it should? We’ll fix it! Has a keyword skyrocketed in bid value and left your campaign in the dust? We’ll fix it! Point is, nothing in this industry is static. We must stay on top of your campaign to maximize it’s potential and your profit.

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What can Pay Per Click do for me?

Pay Per Click is a method of advertisement – it’s core goal is to get potential customers on your site for your chance to sell to them. PPC advertising is a lot like SEO in the sense that we base your campaign off of specific keywords that we hope to use to drive traffic to your site. PPC however has immediate results. While SEO is essential to any site, it takes as much as 6  months or more to see any real results. Investing in PPC returns an instant flow of traffic to get you immediate sales. In a nut shell, PPC gets you sales and it gets them quick!

Our PPC campaign management is second to none. We’re constantly analyzing, changing and improving every aspect of our method and your campaign. Local SEO Company has years of experience and our PPC staff has been in the industry since networks like Google Adsense came in to existence. No one is better qualified to help you invest your money. If you’d like more information on PPC, our pricing, or detailed package information, check out our PPC Packages and Pricing, or contact us for a quick response!