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Managing social media accounts properly is a full time job.

When the internet was gaining momentum back in the 90′s, it wasn’t used for much more than simplistic communication between distant computers. Since then the internet has grown into something this world would not survive as-is without. Today the internet is used for everything from shopping for consumer goods and groceries to watching T.V. and playing games, not to mention the widely used social media hot spots (Facebook, Reddit, Google+ etc).  Back in the days of MySpace and Digg, when social media was just getting it’s foothold in society, businesses mostly remained offline, or at most confined to their basic websites. Fast forward to the present and here we are with the likes of Twitter and Facebook being almost imperative for a business to participate on.

In today’s world, businesses use social media platforms to connect with their current and potential customers. Not very many businesses out there go without asking for a “Follow” or a “Like” here and there, and there’s good reasoning to that. Connecting with clients, building strong professional relationships, expanding follower base and overall reach, and getting your customers engaged and interested are all key elements of proper Social Media Marketing, and it’s whats expected of businesses these days in order to optimize the way they connect with customers. Proper Social Media Marketing (otherwise referred to as SMM) is certainly beneficial for any business, but unfortunately it can be very time consuming. Luckily Local SEO Company is here to help!

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What’s Involved in Maintaining a Proper SMM Campaign?

Contribution – Contributing to the community is the number one priority to maintaining any sort of Social Media Marketing campaign. The best way to build your follower base is to provide them with useful and relevant information. For instance, Local SEO Company’s Facebook page posts mostly SEO related content, and of course we keep the community updated on our blog which is also focused on SEO. For one, this helps keep our follower base engaged and reading our content. This is key in keeping customers in the loop. Your posts should be full of useful information (or at least centered around a link that contains useful information) that is relevant to your business or your customer base’s interests.

Interaction – The whole point of social media is to connect, or to interact with one another, and the same is true for businesses or otherwise existing in social media. Interaction is key to building strong relationships with followers and potential clients. Liking relevant posts from fans, mentioning prominent people in your industry within posts and tweets, and many other social actions that show you’re a business with a personality and values, instead of just a faceless corporation spewing nothing but advertising.

Complete and Resourceful – If a current or potential customer has any reason to like your page as a business is because you provide complete and accurate information, and your page is resourceful in a way that’s helpful to your customers while still being relevant to your business. For instance, a Facebook page for a restaurant may include a full and detailed menu, perhaps pictures of all their offerings; while a page for a retail store would include hours of operation and perhaps product reviews; anything a customer would find useful or anything that makes it easier to use your services.

Good PR Practices – Ultimately, all of these components are useless if you don’t practice good public relations while running a social media marketing campaign. This means acting professional, courteous and understanding in all correspondences, weather it be a private inbox message or a public Facebook post. While it’s good to show personality and strong values, the communication that takes place on social media platforms needs to be filtered and carefully thought out. Some businesses lose big time by showing very poor PR skills. The people behind Local SEO Company are well versed in the matters of professional communication and public relations. Your social media campaign is in good hands here.

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Why You Need Local SEO Company For SMM

Let’s face it, if you’re a small to medium sized business in today’s economy then you have much bigger things to worry about. Proper social media marketing is a time consuming and very involved process, and if not done correctly, you could potentially harm your company’s reputation, sometimes forever! Our SMM professionals are very knowledgeable in all areas of social media, especially when it comes to managing campaigns for busy professionals and businesses. We know customers. We know business. We know success.