SEO Web Design

It is important to include SEO at every point in the development cycle.

Before you can understand what SEO Web Design is you should really have a basic understanding of SEO itself.  We have a section here on the website where you can learn SEO. If you already have a good understanding or just want to skip that step then keep reading.

SEO Web Design Starts With

    • Getting User Requirements
    • Planning
    • Analysis and Research
    • Initial Design
    • Review and Design Changes
    • Implementation
    • Testing
    • Maintenance


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SEO Web Design Explained

Many may ask, “What is SEO Web Design?” Much like SEO Web Development, SEO web design is the process of designing a website with emphasis on optimization for search engines. Unlike traditional web design, SEO Web Design provides far more benefits in regards to marketing your website.When a search engine is evaluating a site to determine where in the SERPs it’s going to be place, it looks at many metrics and attributes both on and off the site to help in this decision. One of the key areas it looks at is he overall design of a website, and the key components which are required to properly be optimized for crawling; and this is where SEO Web Design comes into play. The website structure needs to include things such as a clear and easily seen navigation menu or system of some sort (remember that search engines today can not yet effectively crawl and analyze sites based entirely in flash). This navigation menu needs to include key items, such as a Home link, a “Contact Us” link or similar, as well as a link to your forums if any and other social media platforms.In order for the page to be properly ranked, there needs to be a sizable amount of content on the page for the search engines to crawl through. The most important parts of your content, including any media that may be associated with the content should appear above the fold, meaning the area visible without scrolling when first visiting a web page.A websites template structure must also allow for meta information to be displayed in the content’s header for search engines. Meta information can include keywords targeted for that page, title and other description information to better help search engines categorize your website.All of these factors and many more are considered fully during our process of SEO Web Design. The best practices of SEO are put into the design of your site, to ensure the strongest possible SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign. After our final draft is complete, we consult with the client to ensure they are 100% satisfied with the design. Then follows the implementation of the deign, followed by intense testing and monitoring to make sure the site is tweaked just as it should be.

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